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Food Swapping Geelong

Food Swaps Around Geelong

Green living

Turn lettuce into tomatos! Bring along some of your home grown food, pop it on the swap table, then take whatever you think is a fair exchange.

How do they work? They operate on an honour system, so there's no need to haggle. Most swaps are free to attend. A few request a gold coin donation to cover their opening costs. Depending on location, a few also require/encourage membership of the local neighbourhood house at $5-10/year.

What to bring? Your home grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds, plants, eggs, homemade preserves, seedlings etc.

Nothing to swap? Excess produce is usually offered for sale after 10.00 am.


  • Connect with people in your community
  •  Expand your diet by discovering new foods
  •  Reduce your food bills
  •  Play your part in reducing food miles
  •  Expand your food knowledge
  •  Get advice on your gardening queries.

Click here for more information and for the Geelong Food Swap Locations.