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Harcourts Heroes

Harcourts Heroes

Harcourts Heroes LogoBelow are some inspiring ideas and awesome artwork by upcoming heroes in our community. If you would like to be part of our Harcourts Heroes Gallery, simply click here and specify which picture you would like out of the following: Astronaut, Dinosaur, Dragon, Butterfly, Fairy, Animals, Hippo, Unicorn, Basketballer, Soccer Player, Aeroplane, Cyclist & Doctor*, or feel free to draw your own picture!

All Harcourts Heroes go into the draw to win a $50 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SHOP VOUCHER.

Please see terms and conditions below.



Lucas & Mitchell from Corio, Ages 5 & 3

Kyle from Corio, Age 7

PREVIOUS QUARTER- February - April 2012

Danielle from Corio, Age 5

Ante from Bell Park, Age 5

Ilya from Corio, Age 4

PREVIOUS QUARTER - November 2011 to January 2012

Abby from Bell Post Hill, Age 10

Bianca from Batesford, Age 8

Jaime from Bell Park, Age 8

Tihana from Lara, Age 7

Adam from Corio, Age 7

Keisha from Bell Park, Age 8

Gabrielle from Corio, Age 7

PREVIOUS QUARTER-  August 2011 to October 2011

Eloise from Highton, Age 11

Jenaya from Highton, Age 9

Mikhayla from St Albans Park, Age 9

Bella from St Albans Park, Age 6

Daniella from St Albans Park, Age 4

Jai from North Shore, Age 7

Thomas from Corio, Age 6

Sophie from Lovely Banks, Age 8

Layla from Lovely Banks, Age 11
Jesse from Bell Park, Age 5

Kooper from Bell Park, Age 6

Winners will be selected randomly, out of a hat to be exact!
Competitions run on a quarterly basis.
Our current competition will close on the 30th September 2014.
Winners will be notified by phone or email.
Only one entrant per person per quarter.
Entrants must be 12 years of age or under

ork Courtesy of www.kidspot.com.au 

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Our Newest Harcourts Hero!

CONGRATULATIONS ILYA! Our latest Harcourts Hero Competition Winner!

IlyaIlya, aged 4 from Corio has won a $100 Gift Voucher and says he’s going to change the world by…

 “Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life”.

What a different world it would be... Imagine the strong houses we would be selling if Dinosaurs were still roaming around!!! Great Coloring In Ilya! Well Done!


TihanaCongratulations Tihana! 

Tihana, aged 7 from Lara has won a $100 ABC Shop Gift Voucher and says she’s going to change the world by…

 “Recycling and Saving Water and Energy”.

Fantastic idea Tihana…  It's so refreshing to see these solutions come so naturally to the younger generation. We have been told Tihana even monitors the amount of water being used when her younger siblings are brushing their teeth.... Great work Tihana!

Congratulations Kooper!


Kooper, aged 5 from Bell Park has won a $100 ABC Shop Gift Voucher and says he’s going to change the world by…

 “Making more houses so everybody in the world can have a home. Also, to make the soccer goals wider”.

"Great idea Kooper…  a lot of soccer players out there are nodding their heads. But more importantly, those without homes".